March 9, 2016

I haven’t blogged in a while…here are some updates! I promise I will be better about blogging next week 🙂 my sister is coming on Friday for a long spring break weekend and then it’s back to the grind until Easter (my favorite holiday by the way).

Some sprinkle sugar cookies and bunnies to get you in the Easter spirit! Just add sprinkles to sugar cookies and you’re done!


The Child Abuse Prevention group got our bench up in Devils Lake, ND. Yay! I helped design it with LOTS of help from the bench guy. April is Prevent Child Abuse Month. Remember the foster care bench? I’m obsessed with these benches!

Some meals I’ve recently prepared: Whole30 Bowl and Turkey Cran Wrap 🙂

The Whole30 Breakfast bowl as a banana, eggs, almond butter, apple slices cinnamon and coconut all combined in interesting way to make a delicious (but kind of heavy and delectable breakfast). The Turkey Wrap has a flour tortilla filled with dijon mustard, homemade cranberry sauce, lettuce, turkey and that’s it! I’m eating whole30 as much as possible but there are times I’m not. I will start a new Whole30 on March 28 until April 26th. Whole30 is like a drug!

Here is a pic of my results since January 1, 2016 🙂 I took this pic at the end of February. IMG_3425


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