February 15, 2016


My dad and stepmom gave me beautiful roses (Simba had a few nibbles but they are still beautiful!).

I went to Fargo for the long weekend πŸ™‚ spent time with friends, ate delicious food, and had awesome beer! It was nice to be in the “big city” for a few days. I did not eat Whole30…Bacon for a brunch appetizer at Wurst (Sunday). Cheeseburger and Mint Stout at JL beers for lunch (Saturday). Cribbage and Big Kahuna stout at Junkyard Brewery (Sunday). We went to a little art museum in Moorhead on Sunday afternoon. We played couples trivia at the brewery Sunday night (only got 6/20 right…maybe it’s a sign we will never be a couple?LOL). We had brunch and spent time with James on Sunday. Today we went to the Fargo visitor center and saw the Woodchipper from Fargo (movie). So cool! We came across this bookstore that was FILLED TO THE BRIM with old books. There were first editions, signed copies and expensive little books there. Fun to browse.


So, now that my fun weekend is over, I am getting back on track with my healthy eating plan πŸ™‚ YAY! Exercise routine is happening (I did 17,000+ steps on Saturday. Woot woot! That mall kept me busy with walking).

Allison’s Plan for the next month:

  1. Eat Whole30 every day from February 16, 2016 until March 11, 2016 (I predict that Feb 22, 26, 27 will be hard as I have Amachi night and foster parent training out of town….)
  2. Drink 8+ glasses of water a day
  3. Check my weight on Sunday, February 28th (I weighed 160.4 on 2-12-16 in the AM at Anytime Fitness. I have lost 9.6 pounds since January 1, 2016!!!)
  5. Start training for my 10K…I have been exercising and feel my endurance building but I need to get more serious about my 10K training πŸ˜‰

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