February 7, 2016…Super Bowl Sunday.

Hello followers and fellow bloggers! I am trying to do more than one blog post a week but it’s not happening…

I am still learning about my eating habits and loving the Whole30. Now that my Whole30 is over, I am recognizing how my mind says, “It’s OK to eat a cheeseburger now.” “It’s OK to eat at Subway now.” “It’s OK to eat a piece of chocolate now.” But I am resisting (somewhat)! I can’t explain it. Other Whole30 people probably know what I’m experiencing. Something about the “30 days” where the food were “off limits” changed my mindset and now the same foods that were “off limits” are “OK” to eat. Basically, I think I need more time to change my food habits. I need to do a Whole60 or something like that.

Quick summary of the last few days:

  • I ate a bacon cheeseburger at Old Main yesterday (with water and a Whole30 side salad).
  • I had two Bud Light bottles and a not Whole30 dinner on Friday night for the employee holiday dinner at the VFW. I did NOT feel guilty about that! I have worked hard at my eating plan since the New Year and worked hard organizing that party, too! Everyone had a blast by the way.
  • I did the Stairmaster for 5 minutes yesterday (doesn’t seem like much but considering I’ve never done that machine before I was proud!)
  • I have gotten my 10,000 steps every day last week (except for Thursday)
  • I went through all of the benefits of my whole30 (there were about 25 that came to mind!) maybe I’ll list those in another post someday.
  • I took my mentee to Kung Fu Panda 3 yesterday…not my favorite movie but she seemed to enjoy it so it was worth it.
  • I am a Broncos fan and am watching the Super Bowl as I type this. It makes me think I am “growing up.” Two years ago I went to the bar with friends and got drunk and now that doesn’t sound fun to me (I think it’s Whole30 thinking ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  • I made a new, interesting meal today.

Red Thai Curry Meatballs. I put it over steamed red cabbage and green beans ๐Ÿ™‚


Find the Recipe at Naked Cuisine: http://www.nakedcuisine.com/red-thai-meatball-curry/

Here is a 10K playlist I put together for my 10K training… I love Kesha and Nikki Menaj for some reason. I also did some digging on Pinterest for inspiration. I don’t buy a lot of music and was so sick of my music.



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