January 31, 2016- Day 30 of my Whole30!

Holy lksjflksdj#^*)*^$ksjflks^*$*!! It’s my Day 30 of the Whole30! As I type this I am eating “Perfectly Ground Meat” with some seasonings on mixed greens and purple cabbage. Not too creative…but it’s not bad. Honestly, yesterday was pretty much the end of of my whole30. After a full day of ice fishing tournament/ raffle drawing I decided to celebrate everything and have one beer and officially “end” my Whole30 since I was in the mood and knew I would not have a beer today. The Hartwigs would probably see that as me not finishing the program but oh well! It works for me. So last night I had a bottle of Bud Light (probably a poor decision) and a pint of Fargo’s Stonesthrow. I got a stomach ache…I was dehydrated and think the combo of dehydration, a shock to my system and being tired contributed to the beer not going down so well haha.

I had a BLAST ice fishing. There were 5,186 fishermen out of the ice for the tournament! A record for Devils Lake, ND! I did not get one bite. I did not win any of the raffle prizes. But I still had fun! I had never been ice fishing before and I feel a little bit more like a North Dakotan now. I think it’s a hobby I could enjoy.


Today was busy but I took time to recognize my accomplishments of the month and get ready for another successful Whole30 month. Even though I will not follow every rule of Whole30, I am going to follow the program as close as possible. I am going to leave some “wiggle room” for social situations IF needed. To keep myself motivated, I am going to keep looking at all of the benefits I’m experiencing right now! (Also, I weighed myself at the gym this morning and I have lost 8+ pounds this month).

My Benefits of Whole30:

  1. Increased energy.
  2. Feeling healthy, happy and balanced.
  3. Feel confident.
  4. Improved body image (and I lost weight)
  5. Met some goals! And ready to move on with new goals! (think 10K!)
  6. Learned some things about myself- I do like black coffee. I am a good cook. I can eat lots of vegetables!
  7. I’m sure there are lots of benefits I’m not thinking about right now…
  8. Better mood throughout the day. More patience.

My Plan for February:

  1. Follow Whole30 except for Friday the 5th (employee holiday dinner where I will probably have one drink and a meal that is not Whole30 compliant) and February 13-15 (I am going to Fargo to visit a friend and I know he will want to take me to a brewery and out to a nice dinner 🙂 )
  2. Go to the gym and exercise for 300 minutes a week (using my “reward” system). I want to exercise like I did this month! I was at the gym 3-4 times each week this month. GO me!
  3. Don’t drink alcohol except on the days mentioned above 🙂
  4. Stay positive!

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