Saturday, January 30th

Today is Day 29 of my Whole30 challenge! And it’s going great! As I’ve discussed in prior posts, it has not been perfect and I will not lie about that. I ate a piece of cake somewhere around Day 15, I weighed myself about a two weeks ago when I was feeling down and this week I ate a small subway sandwich (bread, turkey and veggies). Enough about what I did wrong!

Here are all of the benefits I’m experiencing 🙂

  • Increased amounts of energy. I feel great during my entire workday (no afternoon blah).  I have joined the kickboxing class at the gym (that might be connected to increased level of confidence, too!).  I got up at 4:45 AM to go to the gym yesterday morning.
  • I have not drank any alcohol for 29 days. That might not seem like a big deal to some, but here in North Dakota there are a lot of social events with alcohol. In fact, I will be ice fishing in the big tournament today and there is always a big party afterwards that I will be happily drinking water at.
  • Increased confidence. Confident that I look and feel great! Getting more confident telling people “no thank you” when they offer me a tasty treat (and not caring what they might think about me). The other night at the foster parent support group my coworker served pizza, chocolate cake, chips and salsa and a weird looking pasta bake. I planned ahead and ate a healthy dinner before the group meeting so I wasn’t tempted to eat there.
  • I’m proving to myself that I can practice self discipline and follow through with something! I have had a hard time (more like awful time) using diets such as weight watchers, 21 day fix and DASH diet. Maybe because those were diets? I love the Whole 30 because it’s not a diet but a sustainable change!
  • I am not eating out. Literally not eating out at all. Maybe one meal a week? This leads to saving money, improving my cooking skills and knowing what is in my food.I did have to eat out at the beginning of the month because I was out of town at training and that taught me lessons, too!

Well, I have to go ice fishing now to win the 2016 Ford F150 XLT! I must get 2nd place in the Pike category 🙂


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