Sunday, January 24, 2016


Here is my updated Motivation Board! It has my 10K stuff on the left (training plan and reminder), my “reward program” and the 21 Day Fix workout calendar in the middle and my exercise calendar on the right. I might be a little TOO ambitious right now but I figure that’s better than where I was in December 2015 🙂 So, since it’s hard to see, here is what the “reward program” is:

Exercise 300 minutes a week (300 minutes= 1 hour for 5 days a week)
Do the 10K training plan 2 days a week
Do 21 day fix exercises and/or kickboxing 3 times a week
14th of February: one book
29th of February: new exercise clothes (one shirt, pants, bra, etc)

(January 24th-February 29th)



I am wanting to get in better shape, so I figure if I mix up my exercise routine I will get more flexible, get ready for 10K and gain strength. Last night I looked at fun exercise shirts on Pinterest and came up with some ideas for my rewards 🙂 I might buy one at the end of the month for my hard work this month (even thought I didn’t successfully do the Whole30 because I had “slips”).

I just want to clarify that I am NOT doing the 21 Day Fix- I am still Whole30 strong. I like the mentality of the Whole30 a lot better- but I think the exercises can jazz up my exercise routine and help me get in better shape. I did the Yoga Fix today and feel much more relaxed. I am not going to follow the 21 Day Fix exercises exactly but if I feel like doing one I will do the one on that day of the week. Ideally I would do the DVD exercise in the morning before work and then light cardio at the gym after work with my gym buddy 🙂 (the friend who is “sweating for the wedding”).

Here are some of the delicious meals I made this weekend. I have a chuck roast and veggies in the crock pot for Sunday dinner…it smells so good!


That is Simba when I am doing my exercises in the living room. I couldn’t help but pause my workout to take a pic. She sits there for 30 minutes and watches me (with some wandering around and trying to get me to pet her in there). She’s so cute but I need to start putting her outside and ignoring her when I start my exercise because she is distracting!


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