January 20, 2016


Took this photo on Monday when I arrived at Dunn Brothers Coffee. That’s right, Devils Lake has a DUNN BROTHERS now. Yay! I felt pretty on Monday. And happy thanks to the Whole 30! But later in the day I felt a little down…

I know the Whole30 is not about losing weight but I have not noticed any physical difference and I am on Day 19. Is it my portions? Am I not exercising enough? Do I need to do something different? I feel lots of other benefits of the Whole30 but not weight loss. I was feeling so down by the end of the day I got on the scale. So, to be totally honest about my “slips” during this Whole 30 Round 1 I will write them out. I will clarify that I don’t view every “slip” as “bad” and I will explain. I am disappointed in myself for the fact that I had totally committed to the Whole 30 and didn’t do it. I will do a Round 2 in February!

“slips” as of DAY 19 (today):

  1. I might have had butter in food unknowingly at the restaurants in Minot (day 3 dinner, day 4, day 5, day 6)
  2. ate two bites of chocolate cake on day 6 (a colleague surprised two of us with a small chocolate cake for dessert at Panera and it would have been rude to not eat at least a few bites, right? I know I could’ve turned it down and that’s not an excuse…but still
  3. had a small piece of German Chocolate Cake with my coworker for her birthday…another situation like #2. My boss baked her a surprise cake and she looked like she needed someone to eat a piece with.
  4. day 17- I got on the scale. No excuse for this.
  5.  day 18- I went to an Amachi appreciation dinner without thinking that they would serve all of us the same meal (cesar salad, chicken parmesan and fetuccini alfredo)
  6. day 19- I went to Rolette County for work all day and had to eat at the retirement lunch/party for the director…lasagna, salad and one piece of toast.

Well, all of my “sins” are out in the open now! And no, I don’t feel embarrassed about all of these slips. I should’ve thought to make sure that there wasn’t any butter in the food at the restaurants in Minot but at the time I honestly didn’t think about (probably because I love butter!).  I should’ve told Melissa and Barb I couldn’t eat their cake and left it at that…I should’ve resisted temptation to get on the scale and that is not something I will excuse. As far as social gatherings I need to either just put it out there with people when I can’t eat what everyone else is eating, plan ahead, and just eat something that no one else is eating BUT in my family and it seems ND people get really offended by that sort of thing…any tips about this will be appreciated (if anyone is actually still reading all of this?!)

Basically, I am committed to doing the entire Whole 30 as it is meant to be completed and will begin again on February 16, 2016 (Day 1). I am going to Fargo to visit a friend over Valentine’s weekend and know I could not successfully do Whole 30 then, but I will stick to majority of the rules as much as possible. Like I will not drink any alcohol until February 5th (employee party) and then again until February 13th or 14th. I will continue to eat the food as outlined in Whole 30 until my trip to Fargo 🙂 I have decided to stay positive about this whole thing and not be too down on myself. I think I had really high hopes for the results of this program and am just not seeing them for some reason even though I’m trying (but not trying my best !). So, I am going to stick with the program. I’m sure I’m not the only one who messed up their Whole 30 during their first round 😉 I honestly feel better just venting about it.

Here is the beef soup I made…bell pepper, zucchini, home made broth, ground beef, garlic, onion, seasonings and 1/2 avocado on top.




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