January 3, 2016! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Out like a goat, in like a goat?

As you can see, I love Glacier Park. When I opened my calendar for 2016 and saw a goat in January I was like, “I just looked at a goat for a whole month!” but now I’m glad it’s a goat because he’s super cute. I hang this up in my office.

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post…I’ve been busy with the holidays, etc. I’m still motivated to get/stay healthy and have been carefully working on my goals for 2016.


  1. Eat Healthy. Today is Day 2 of the Whole 30 🙂 I am committed to following the Whole 30 rules for 30 days. I made my version of Spanish Fritatta this morning. Tomatoes, Green Beans, Spinach, leftover diced potato minced garlic and eggs. That’s all!IMG_3098
  2. Train/Exercise/Prep for the Fargo 10K in May! I got a Fitbit for Christmas so need to do 10,000 steps a day. I have to go to Anytime 12 times a month (I met this goal in December!). I read somewhere I should be exercising 150 minutes a week minimum.
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. I found an app that helps me track this.
  4. Floss and take a multivitamin daily.


  1. I have created a budget that I am going to follow this month. This will take practice but I found an envelope system on Pinterest and am combining that with Dave Ramsey’s percentage recommendations. I have to work on baby step #2 🙂 My ultimate goals are to buy a house this year and take three vacations (Wyoming for my sister’s graduation in May, Alaska at some point, and Montana this summer).


  1. Continue learning and growing in my role as Assistant Regional Rep. and do best child welfare practice. Be the best assistant supervisor I can be! Lots to learn with this as I have never been in a supervisor role before (except for supervising an intern but that was totally different!).
  2. I need to brainstorm specific career goals.


  1. Go on a date. LOL
  2. Find a club, activity ect. where I meet new people.

I’m sure there are more goals but these are my main ones. Focusing on my health and budget seem like big things to tackle in themselves and I want to succeed so I’m going to slowly add other goals as they come up. My Christmas present to myself was a planner (yes I love planners) with monthly and daily goal prompts. I’m going to use it as a gratitude journal/miracle morning book and work on it each morning for 15 minutes.


This was in the newspaper this morning and I found it fitting. I don’t know why people don’t say “New Day New You.” I don’t know why we have to wait until the New Year to start working on our goals! I feel like the work I’ve been doing the last few months has made it likely that I’ll be successful with my new goals. Happy New Year to all!

As a side note, I’m finishing Go Set A Watchman and am forming some opinions about it…more to come on this. It was the #1 book of 2015 so I think I’m missing something….


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