Friday, December 11th

TGIF. This week has been an off week and I have no one to blame but myself. I went to Tioga last weekend and due to some family drama did not end up having a fun time at all…however, I realize that it was my choice to ruminate, let a person ruin my attitude  and not move on. It’s easier said than done though when someone you love hurts you. I came home on Sunday and started the week out OK. Then I went to Bismarck on Tuesday and after a somewhat healthy meal at a Mexican restaurant had a couple of (extremely strong) drinks in the hotel lounge. I admit that I eat poorly and use alcohol sometimes when I am upset and trying to “move on”…it never seems to work though! Duh! I am feeling better physically and emotionally now (maybe because it’s Friday?!). I have a relaxing weekend ahead where I am going to focus on myself and making healthy choices. I bought all of the ingredients to make a Whole30 version of chicken cacciatore tomorrow 🙂 I have a holiday get together with some of my former coworkers in Minnewaukan tonight and plans to hang out with some of my friends this weekend.

So, since I didn’t blog at all this week:


  • Monday the 7th- walked for 25 minutes on the treadmill (2% incline, 3.7 mph)
  • Thursday the 10th- walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill (2% incline, 3.7 mph)

Diet Summary:

  • Monday- This day started out great with a healthy breakfast  and salad soup lunch. It went downhill around dinner time when I had my SAAF Board meeting which was a potluck (Apple Pie, Chicken Noodle Soup, Small Subway Sandwich, chips and cheese ball dip)
  • Tuesday- Awful. I ate a breakfast sandwich (English muffin style), chili  for lunch and a Mexican dinner (one flauta, chips, salsa, rice, Corona beer and beans). This was the Bacardi Diet night in the lounge…two drinks and I was drunk! They definitely kicked my butt and I need to stop complaining but who needs a drink that damn strong!?
  • Wednesday- OK. I had the leftover flauta for brunch. I had the Wild Berry Sandwich with chips and a diet pepsi in the Scheels sandwich shop (it is an awesome sandwich that I don’t feel guilty for enjoying. Turkey, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese on cranberry bread with a berry cream cheese spread on one slice).
  • Thursday- scrambled eggs for breakfast. 2 pieces of Pizza at lunch and leftover 2 pieces of Pizza at dinner 😦 I did make a small healthy smoothie when I got home from the gym and exercising.


On a positive note, the more I look at my awful food choices the more excited I am to begin the Whole30. I would start right now but I know with Christmas coming I am setting myself up for failure…my family can be healthy at times but if I try to follow this during Christmas I am going to be the outcast of a family where I’m already the “stepdaughter” haha. It’s better to try and get on a good foot with certain people after last weekend anyways (even though I did absolutely nothing wrong. Families are messed up!)

Also, I did some book shopping therapy in Bismarck!

I listened to Girl on The Train in July (in one day long car trip from Gillette, WY to Devils Lake, ND)!! I love it so much I decided to buy a copy and re-read as many times as I want. I’m excited to start Harper Lee’s new book and see what all of the controversy is about 🙂


PS Don’t worry! I have not forgotten about my 10K in May 2016!



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