Saturday, December 5th

Love my new infinity scarf from Stitch Fix

Today is going to be a potentially long but interesting day. My mentee might have a basketball game in Turtle Lake…I told her  I would go and plan on going but last night I called her dad to confirm and he didn’t know anything about it? What? So, I don’t know what is going on! I’ll just call her dad and grandma this morning again to see if either of them now what their 8th grade daughter is up to today! My plan is to head to Tioga after the game in Turtle Lake. My step sis turns 30 and we are having a birthday party for her 🙂 I don’t have anything else to do this weekend so I might as well drive around the state today LOL.

My diet and exercise plan went well this week! I feel much better about myself. Thursday I did go out and have some beers but other than that I was pretty healthy. I indulged in some sweets yesterday at a friend’s retirement party (she was a county social worker for 23 years!). I bought myself this book for my Christmas present to myself and started reading it at the laundromat last night…I have to start getting into the mindset for some things. No beer. No milk in my coffee. No gingerbread creamer. I know it will all be worth it and I want to start a “challenge” and see it through to the end. It will go well with my 10K training plan 🙂 I’m going to start on January 2, 2016.


If anyone has tips, suggestions, etc please comment. I will need encouragement as I start this.

I bought this card for my mentee…I think I’ll just frame it and give it to her for Christmas. She loves cats and kittens just as much as I do!

A card I got for my mentee for Christmas…”Keeping you in my thoughts and close to my heart.” (or something like that)

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