Monday, November 30th

Today is my Aunt Karol’s birthday! This is always a day to be thankful but also remember my mom and uncle.  Aunt Karol is my mom’s twin, so it would also be my mom’s birthday if she was still alive. Today is also the day their brother died, my Uncle Ronnie- 19 years ago! I can’t believe how time flies. I am thankful I have so many good memories of my mom and uncle, and all of my family that has died for that matter.

Aunt Karol, my sister and I

I made some comfort food tonight! Veggie Lasagna!


I am on day 2 of my meal tracking and exercise tracking. So, here is my diet/exercise for the last couple of days.

Sunday the 29th:


  • 2 eggs scrambled, 1 piece wheat toast, dollop of Ricotta cheese and coffee with creamer
  • rice and veggie stir fry for lunch
  • 2 Chocolate Stout Cupcakes
  • Sloppy Joe, small bag of Fritos, rice krispi treat and apple pie bar

Ran/walked for 22 minutes (2 minutes walk at 3.6 mph then 2 minutes jog at 5 mph). Doesn’t sound like much but I was proud of myself by the end!

My friend and I went to an art night hosted by 4H and I had a tasty dinner….and did artwork! We painted a wintery scene 🙂 I had a blast!

When I got home I put the ingredients for slow cooker steel cut apple oatmeal in the crock pot…it smelled so good throughout the night!

Monday the 30th:


  • slow cooker oatmeal with one banana
  • coffee with milk
  • apple
  • rice and veggie stir fry
  • herbal tea
  • lasagna, salad with ranch
  • one cupcake

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