Monday, November 23rd

I am not too proud of my diet/exercise over the weekend. So to hold myself accountable I will honestly say what happened.

Friday the 20th:

  • Overnight oats
  • Chicken Strip wrap at All Star Subs
  • Homemade pulled pork nachos
  • beer and rum/ diet pepsi…Yes, I went out and had a few adult beverages on Friday night.

We had wild wind on Thursday night…here is what happened to my tree in the front yard.



Saturday the 21st:

  • med chai tea latte from Coffee Connection
  • banana bread with butter and huckleberry jam (homemade banana bread!)
  • White Chicken Alfredo Pizza (2 slices)
  • Taco Pizza (2 slices) and chips and salsa
  • beer…and a glass of white wine while playing board games with friends
  • brat and chips


Simba and I chillin’ on Saturday afternoon đŸ™‚ I love Simba.


Sunday the 22nd:

  • two scrambled eggs with ketchup and cheddar cheese on a tortilla
  • ribeye with homestyle potatoes and beer at Proz while I watched the Bronco game (lunch)
  • DQ blizzard, chicken sandwich and small fry (late dinner)
  • Water

I did go to the gym this day! I ran/walked for 35 minutes at 2.0% incline.

Monday the 23rd:

  • two scrambled eggs with cheese, homemade applesauce
  • Vanilla Chobani Yogurt for a snack
  • Chicken salad sandwhich on wheat bread and a side salad (lettuce, hard boiled egg, cheese, ranch, veggies)
  • The Veggie Soup pictured below and a piece of wheat toast for dinner.
  • Water!
  • I used this recipe and followed it exactly except I didn’t add kale (the grocery store didn’t have any- true story! this is North Dakota after all!)

Also, just because I can’t resist fun flavored coffee creamer and I don’t buy it too often đŸ™‚IMG_2936.jpg


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