September 24th.

The last two weeks have been BUSY. My stepsister’s bridal shower and bachelorette party was last weekend. Party!! I got sick on Sunday and had a sick day Monday (in between naps I got hooked on Hart of Dixie… I am a sucker for stupid shows). I hung out with my mentee tonight. Last Wednesday I mowed the yard and had a movie “date” at my house with a guy.  Last night I did laundry. Tuesday night I made Sweet Potato Soup. Last Sunday night I had a few drinks with Adam and James. So much has happened since my last blog post! Rambling on about the last week seemed like a good summary.

So, for today:


– two eggs scrambled, wrap, slice of Swiss cheese

– sweet potato soup and apple sauce

– green tea (20 oz), detox dandelion tea (8 oz), water, 7 Up

– Dairy Queen- onion rings (360) and crispy chicken sandwich (570 cals)

– cough drops

Getting back on track! I’ll start running when I’m over my cold 😉


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