Saturday, August 16th

Saturday was such a great day! I went to rummage sales in Maddock with two friends in the morning. When I got home I had a little snack and then went to the gym. After the gym I came home and made a delicious Beef Quinoa dish and got ready for Rockin the Cove. Then I went to my friend’s house and… it was a SURPRISE PARTY for me! My friends are awesome. They wanted to help me celebrate my new job! James made tacos, guacamole, and lots of good margaritas! We had beer in our growlers and lots of good times watching From Dusk Til Dawn.


Exercise: walked on the treadmill 2.08 miles in 35 minutes at 1.0% incline.


  • coffee
  • steak and cheese burrito from the gas station
  • cherry “smoothie” (Big Train at a coffee shop)
  • chocolate chip cookie bar
  • 2 cups of Clean Eating Beef Quinoa Stew (it was delicious! here is the recipe:
  • chips and dip
  • one beef taco
  • Margaritas, Electric Lemonade, Bacardi and Diet Coke, shot of tequila, Beer

As you can see, my diet pretty much went out the window yesterday! I made the Quinoa Stew because I didn’t know the surprise party was happening.  Then after a few margaritas etc I thought it was a good idea to eat before heading out to Rockin the Cove where I would consume more alcohol…then I was smart and ate another cup of the stew when I got home from the Cove at 2 AM….I haven’t gone wild like that in a few weeks! It is the social event of the season. It is fun to run into lots of friends, colleagues etc and just dance and let loose. They had a Tom Petty cover band that was a TON of fun, too!


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