Monday…July 20th.

Well, I actually had to call in sick today. I have a trip to Wyoming later this week and I refuse to be sick for that! So, I’m going to the doctor this morning and resting all day. I’m obviously not getting better by myself…

Here are the results of Day 4 Single Lady Challenge- the selfie!

selfie saturday
selfie saturday
just for fun :)
just for fun 🙂

Not much else to report. It’s hard to work on health and fitness when you’re sick. I’ve definitely lost some weight for lack of appetite though. All I ate yesterday was a can of split pea soup, an OJ/Banana smoothie and a breakfast burrito (two scrambled eggs in a tortilla). I slept for 7 hours during the day. That is weird for someone that never even takes cat naps.

The highlight of my Sunday was watching The DUFF. I didn’t think I’d like it but it is a cute movie! It totally took my focus off of my ringing ears. It will make you laugh, tear up and just put you in a good mood. I might even re-watch it today when I get home from the doctor. I had also rented Love Rosie but I was too tired to watch it.

The Interestings and green tea (Saturday)
The Interestings and green tea (Saturday)

Also- I got 11 Likes on my July 18th post AND I have 16 followers. Thanks for the support! I am a new blogger and am just doing my own thing as I go but it’s a lot of fun!


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