July 14th!

I feel GREAT today. I stuck to my diet. I had a productive day at work. I mowed the yard and got lots of hot, fresh air. I called my aunt for her birthday and had a nice phone call with my dad and stepmom.

  1. Breakfast- hard boiled egg, green smoothie
  2. snack- purple container of fresh strawberries and melon
  3. lunch- chicken curry and 1/2 cup rice
  4. snack- coffee mocha frappe from the gas station (my foster care client convinced me to try one with her during our drive back to town).
  5. Dinner- chicken curry in a tortilla and a side salad
  6. Beverages= water and coffee

Exercise- mowed the yard and did yard work.

Finished the book Wreckage by Emily Bleaker on audible. Yes, it was a silly plot and not believable but it was a fun read. Lots of lies and twists and drama! Prefect for long days in the car.


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