July 13th!

Today was a great day! Here is what happened.


  • Breakfast was a Green Smoothie (spinach, OJ, coconut water, milk, banana)
  • I was hungry by 10 AM. I had most of my sandwich (wheat bread, hummus, spinach, cheese).
  • For lunch I stopped at a gas station and got a chicken wrap (it was awful!)
  • For dinner I had a bowl of Chicken Curry (1/2 cup brown rice, 1/2 chicken breast and veggies). I made one of my favorite slow cooker recipes this morning. Cabbage, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, onion, cauliflower, coconut milk and red curry paste. Don’t forget the chicken!
  • All I drank today was water and a cup of green tea…I miss coffee.
  • snack- some fresh fruit- mango and melon

If I learned anything today it’s that I need more protein the the morning. I boiled eggs so I will have an egg with my smoothie tomorrow.


Elliptical for 33 minutes! Yes- I went to the GYM!

I also accepted a job offer today 🙂 I will be the Assistant Regional Representative for County Social Services starting August 3rd. I basically assist in supervising the child welfare cases in the counties (foster care, child protection, DJS). I am SUPER excited.


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