July 12th…

Where have the first 12 days of July gone?!? We had a HOT weekend in Devils Lake. Tolna Days was going on yesterday so I had a beach day with two of my friends on the lake and then we went to the bars and band/dance in Tolna.

Since honesty is a part of this blog I need to confess that I feel like I have actually gotten less healthy instead of Healthier.  How do people get motivated and stay committed to their health goals?!? I have fallen off my plans since I started this blog so many times I’ve lost count. So, I need to regroup and get going!


I want to feel good about myself and look good for these specific events coming up in 2015.

  • August 15th- Laura’s Bridal Shower
  • September 19th- Amanda’s Bridal Shower/ Bachelorette Party
  • October 10th- Amanda’s Wedding
  • October 24th- Laura’s Wedding

So, starting tomorrow I am eating healthy and I’m on call so no alcohol. I will only drink coffee or green tea and water for the next 7 days. I am making curry chicken in the slow cooker for dinner tomorrow. I found a recipe for bean avocado wraps that I will pack for lunch all week. I bought hummus and carrots so I have a healthy snack. For breakfast I am eating a green smoothie and a boiled egg. I will begin my food diary/blog again. I will be in town all week and there are no excuses (other than if I’m busy at work).

For exercise I will go on nightly walks or go to Anytime (if it’s too hot).

Drinking water is a priority. I have not been drinking enough water! Period.


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