June 19th. Friday!

diet: small breakfast burrito, chicken salad sandwich, and dinner at Doolittle’s! Horseradish mashed potatoes, spinach, steak and it was all so so goooooooood! And one beer and one glass of wine 🙂

Beverages: water, coffee, wine.

I had to go to Fargo to work today so I ended up going to a REAL coffee shop this morning for an early lunch when I got to town 🙂 I did some shopping at Target for summer clothes (actually boosted my confidence because I felt great in all of the clothes I bought!) I had dinner at Doolittle’s and the server totally went overboard with wine recommendations etc when I started asking the right questions. There was an interesting 87 year old at the bar. I know he is 87 because he told me that he married his wife when he was 70 and they are celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary next week! He was a teacher and minister in Mississippi before moving to Minnesota and then North Dakota. Like I said, interesting guy! He has had the routine of going into Doolitle’s on Friday afternoons for 3+ years! I have watched two episodes of Orange is the New Black since I got home. And did some texting with Glenn and Harry to confirm one date tomorrow and one no date this weekend lol.

Day 3 of Single Lady Challenge. Day 3: Write down everything you don’t want in a future partner.

  1. Dishonest.
  2. Doesn’t like Simba.
  3. Close minded. I need to be with someone that understands what it means to accept people of any race, culture, sex, age, income level,  etc. I am a social worker! 
  4. Disrespectful.
  5. Not social…
  6. Not open to criticism. (I recently dated someone that wouldn’t even let me teach him a little trick to cutting a bell pepper!) in my view, you need to be open to new ways of doing things.
  7. Non judgemental. Yes I drink alcohol and like to have a good time! Yes I have friends that Have lifestyles I don’t want to judge. 
  8. Doesn’t like being outside, camping etc. I need to be with someone that shares my love for the outdoors.
  9. Still thinking…

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