Tuesday, June 16th.

This week is going SO slow. Is it Friday yet? I don’t know why I’m in a funk and wanting the week to be over already. Oh well! I can’t make time go faster so I have developed a list of “challenges” to keep myself occupied.

  1. The Single Girl’s 30 Day Challenge (popsugar.com)
  2. 7 Day Smartphone Detox
  3. The 21 Day Challenge (no chips, soda, diet soda, candy, etc.) I will have to remove fast food from the list for a few days when I go to Montana because I can’t travel for 6 days without eating fast food…but I can stay away from all of the other junk!

So, this is Day 1 of the single lady challenge…Day 1: Follow a hot friend of a friend on Instagram. I’m sure my sister has a hot friend for me to follow.

Tuesday of the Smartphone detox says to turn off push notifications. DONE.

Diet (so far today. It is 3 PM)

Breakfast- overnight oats with oats, milk, yogurt, chia seeds and blueberries

Snack- ham, cheese, lettuce on a wheat slender roll

Late Lunch-taco chicken, salad, asparagus

Yesterday I was so hungry by 3 PM with only the light breakfast and the sandwich/apple for lunch. I need to start packing healthy snacks to go with these meals.


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