June 12th, 13th and 14th.

Hello readers! Here are my updates for the past two days.

June 12th (Friday): Diet=smoothie, roast beef sandwich, some Doritos and spinach dip, three meat pizza and cheese balls. Beverages= too many to count! I honestly lost track. I went out for a happy hour drink with some colleagues. Then Adam, James and I went out to celebrate James’ birthday and sang karaoke at the Cove. We had a great time! I was up until 3 AM…

June 13th (Saturday): I managed to get up at 8:30 so I could take my car to Grand Forks to get my Subaru maintenanced and then go to Fargo to get my dress measurements for Laura’s wedding. I went to David’s Bridal because she might get a dress.  I will admit, when I first thought about getting my measurements I was a bit stressed and  upset with myself for not losing all the weight I’d planned on losing but then I remembered that I will have a great time celebrating my best friend’s wedding in October no matter what I look like. So, just because I think of these measurements as a good way to see where I am now vs. where I will be in a few months, here they are:

40.5″ chest (size 12-14), 34″ waist (12-14), and 42.5″ hips (10-12).

My diet was AWFUL yesterday but I am going to be honest about it. Breakfast- 2 pieces of three meat pizza. Lunch- crispy chicken bacon sandwich at Burger King (680 calories). Snack- two bloody marys and two texas egg rolls (I could not resist stopping at SpitFire in Fargo after my shopping, etc.). Dinner- three pieces of three meat pizza. Midnight snack- ham and cheese on a thin wheat roll ( I can’t remember what they are called?) One beer.

I got home around 5 PM. I talked to my aunt and then started a project- clean and organize the attic! It looked like a tornado went through it and the clutter was driving me nuts. So, I got a good start on it and am now in the “sorting” phase for some of the boxes. I have literally kept every notebook, article, paper etc. from every college class I ever took. It is time to say goodbye to some of it! I will probably keep a few readers, papers and trash the rest. I have kept the textbooks 🙂 I cannot part with books unless I know I didn’t like it and never want to read it again. I have a dream of having a library in my house when I buy a house. I only have 6 boxes of books now (plus the ones on my little bookcase in the living room). I have been giving some books away which feels good.

June 14th- the day is not over. For breakfast I had a nectarine and yogurt. Coffee.


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