June 9th, 10, and 11th!

WOW time flies! This has been a much calmer week compared to the last few weeks though.

June 9th- worked and went to the laundromat. I had a yummy smoothy for breakfast (banana, milk, ice, coffee, peanut butter).  I had strawberries and yogurt for a snack. I cheated and bought a Little Ceasers pizza for dinner. Large Supreme for $10. It was not too good…I enjoyed sitting in the park and I ate two pieces while my clothes were in the dryer.

June 10th- worked (had juvenile court!) and cleaned house.  I had a smoothie (fruit and yogurt and milk), a piece of pizza for a snack (bad! but I knew I would be hungry by the time I got to court at 11:30 AM!), had a piece of pizza for lunch, and then made this delicious concoction for dinner. Beet, carrot, onion, yellow bell pepper stir fry served over plain quinoa. I had fresh mango and homemade coleslaw on the side (purple cabbage, yellow pepper, carrot and mayo/rice vinegar dressing).  Then Adam invited me to Apple Bees and I had one short Blue Moon pint and two tall Bud Lights…


Beet Stir Fry. Fresh!
Beet Stir Fry. Fresh!

June 11th- I had a DELICIOUS smoothie for breakfast. Here is the recipe:

-1/2 cup OJ (I use medium pulp)

-1/2 cup 2% milk (or any kind of milk you want)

-1 banana

-fresh (or frozen) mango

-3 ice cubes (that part’s important! not one more, not one less)

Blend and Enjoy!

Lunch- I grabbed a crispy chicken sandwich from McDonald’s to eat during the foster care coalition meeting.

Dinner: leftover beet/quinoa random dish, cranberry juice. And a Birthday Beer Chocolate Stout for dessert 🙂



As I type this blog I am enjoying the nice weather and smell of freshly cut grass in my backyard. I just mowed the yard and it is not too hot, not too cold outside. Lovely summer in North Dakota!


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