June 4th,5th,6th,7th,8th

Obviously, I have not blogged in one week! That is a combination of busy, lazy and having super nice weather so I am spending time outside rather than inside. I will give the highlights of meals and events over the last week in an attempt to catch up with my blog. I will not stop blogging!

June 4th- Jessica, Kristin and I had a girls night out at Proz Lakeside at the Cove. I had a glass of white wine, small salad and a super tasty shrimp Cajun penne. I managed my portions and had a great time! On the way into town, Kristin and I met Adam at Razors Edge and I had two Bud Lights…

June 5th- I had outreach office hours at our Ft. Totten office today. I enjoyed a “pizza party” with my coworkers for lunch since I am never at that office. That is changing and I will be at that office every other Friday 🙂 I actually had a date Friday night! I’ll call the man “Harry.” We went to The Ranch for dinner. I had a glass of white wine, a dinner roll, and a scallop special (three scallops on top of a cauliflower/garlic puree with a lima bean succotash). Right in the theme with my diet! We went geocaching after dinner…there’s a first time for everything.  I enjoyed the nice evening and weather and mowed the yard and did yard work when I got home.

June 6th- Saturday! I was in a wrap mood. I made a wrap with hummus, avocado, black beans and cheddar cheese for lunch. I was a lazy person today. I skyped with my aunts, we had a thunder-storm which gave me the perfect excuse to curl up with a book and did some grocery shopping. I had another date tonight with a different man! I’ll call this man “Glenn” (is it creepy that I’m using my grandfathers’ names as the pseudonyms?) Anyways, Glenn and Harry are total opposites but I enjoyed both dates. I met Harry on eHarmony last month. I met Glenn about five years ago. Glenn lives in the same town as my dad and stepmom and we almost started dating (I say ALMOST because I lived in St. Paul at the time and the distance was a little much when you’re just getting to know someone. Glenn did come visit me once and I would see him every time I went to visit my parents. Then life happened and he got a girlfriend and I moved to Devils Lake and got busy with my life). Well, last month when I went to Tioga to meet up with my parents before we went to Wyoming for my cousin’s graduation, I ran into Glenn at the bar. We exchanged numbers, chatted for quite a while and here we are! He’s come to Devils Lake twice since then and both times we’ve gone out.) Anyways, Saturday night we went to The Cove for some drinks and to enjoy the lake, then Razor’s Edge, then Proz, then Thirsty’s, then Lottas. Like I said, Glenn and Harry are different. Glenn works on the oil rigs, loves the bar scene and has a history with me. Harry is a nurse, works on a farm, told me he doesn’t like the bars and is a stranger to me. I’m just going with the flow and seeing what goes where.

June 7th- I had a coffee date and skyped with my sister, talked to Kristin, went for a mini hike on the nature trail at Sully’s Hill (the bugs were so, so bad!), made thai chicken with couscous and saw Pitch Perfect 2 with James and Adam (more on that later).

June 8th- back to work! Nothing exciting to report from yesterday. I feel like making that thai chicken was a great way to start the week! I had leftovers and drank lots of water.


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