Wednesday, June 3rd

I was in such a funky mood today. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I even left work a little bit early because my head was hurting and I realized I was not being productive. Oh well! Tomorrow is a new day and it will be awesome! Why? because I said so! I got home from work and watched some Dr. Phil, cooked dinner (which was fun because I hadn’t done that in so long it’s embarrassing), deep cleaned the living room and dining room, and now catching up on my blogs and looking at my Laura’s Bridesmaids dress options 🙂 I have to go to Fargo or Bismarck to a David’s Bridal in the next couple of weeks to get measurements etc. I am so excited! Laura’s wedding is October 24, 2015. And last night my friend Kristin asked me to be her personal attendant in her wedding (September 2016). I was honored and touched. My sister and I booked our hotel room in Destin, FL for our stepsister’s wedding (October 10, 2015). I figured while I was on a roll I would get my hotel rooms for my journey through Montana later this month for Emily’s wedding. So many weddings! So much love.

Now, here is my daily food log (I am proud of myself! It was much better today!).

  • two scrambled eggs, light cranberry juice, coffee
  • hummus, turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce wrap
  • lemonade apple (yes it’s a REAL apple)
  • green salad, couscous, and browned ground turkey (remember those stuffed peppers I made last month? I just browned the turkey/rice/tomato leftovers combo that I had thrown in the freezer. Not bad!)
  • water

Last night as I was digging around in the attic for a picture of Laura and I for her wedding website I came across a box of books from my MSW program. One of them is The Appetite Awareness Workbook. I bought to use during one of my classes (Task Centered and Solution Focused) and after reading some of it again last night I really think it could be a sign for me! It’s not “dieting” but being aware of your body’s hunger signals and “full” signals. I would journal about my feelings about eating rather than logging the food. They say you can do both so I think I would start with one and then add the other. I’ll keep reading the book and see what I decide. I need to keep trying programs until I get success!


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