May 31st- Check In with my goals, tasks, and progress.

Happy Sunday! I want to get back on track and start June out on a positive, healthy foot! I can honestly say that I did not follow my health plan or try hard to eat healthy during my trips to Wyoming and Las Vegas in May. Time to “check in” as I said I would when I started this blog in April 🙂 I will outline and update my what/why/how of my weight loss goals.

Here are the facts (as of 5/31/15):

  • I am 27 years old.
  • I weigh 170 pounds. ( I actually gained 2 pounds over the last month. I have no one to blame but myself and Las Vegas!)
  • My BMI is 25.8 which means I am “overweight.” When my BMI is 18.5-24.9 I will have a “normal weight.” According to the chart, I will weigh between 125 and 158 pounds. Obviously, I do not want to weigh 125 pounds! I think I will start with my goal being to lose 8 pounds, see how I feel at that weight and go from there.
  • I still belong to Anytime Fitness (I went 12 times in April and 5 times in May).


  1. Exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week.
  2. Drink more water. 64 ounces a day.
  3. Consistently have a healthy diet. I do eat healthy foods most of the time but I think my portion control is bad.
  4. Limit alcohol to 3 drinks a week. I enjoy beer and wine but have learned that by cutting those from my diet I feel less bloated.
  5. Weigh myself once a week
  6. Track my water intake daily.
  7. Hold myself accountable by doing a blog post daily about my slips and accomplishments.
  8. Use the 21 Day Fix kit to track my meals, keep on track with eating clean and maintain portion control.
  9. Use the blog and my calendar to track my exercises (time, type, etc.).
  10. Exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week.  I need to go to Anytime Fitness 3 times a week to get my credit so that is good motivation. I will go for walks in the parks or use one of the dance DVDs I bought last month. I have many options!


  1. My friend’s wedding is June 27th and I want to look my best!
  2. My best friend’s wedding is October 24th and I am a bridesmaid and I REALLY want to look and feel my best!
  3. I want to feel good about myself and reach my weight loss goals.

I had a home visit with a client last Friday. She is not elderly but she struggles with diabetes, weight, arthritis, back pain/spasms and other health issues. Since February 2015, she has lost about 50 pounds! I am so proud of her. She weighed over 300 pounds and now she is down to 270. Her goal is to lose at least 150 pounds. She explained that she has not cared enough over the last few years to lose the weight and take care of her body but her back pain is increasingly getting worse and she decided she had to do what it takes to live healthy the rest of her life (she is 65 years old). During my drive to my next home visit I thought to myself, “If she can do it, why can’t I ?!”  I was very inspired by this client.  I will admit I get down on myself for not reaching my goals, but then the logical part of my brain kicks in and says, “Allison, why are you feeling sorry for yourself? You make your decisions and have total control over your actions! You have no one to blame but yourself!” So, I’m feeling confident that over the next few weeks I can get on track again. I don’t have any vacations planned until my friends wedding at the end of June (Montana!!!!!!) so I have no reason not to lay low and get back on my Cooking Light  cooking plan, 21 day fix, Anytime plan 🙂 I think I’ll print part of this blog post and put it on my gym calendar so I can see my what/why/how on a daily basis.


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