Las Vegas! May 23rd-May 27th

For my uncle’s 50th birthday we met in Las Vegas! Uncle Dan, Shirley (Dan’s wife), Margaret (my cousin), Shirley’s two daughters, Dad, Vickie and I all had a blast!

Saturday the 23rd- we arrived around 3 PM. We checked in at New York New York (which was awesome by the way) and had dinner at Tom’s Urban restaurant. I had shrimp and grits with a side of brussels sprouts…definitely something you wouldn’t get in North Dakota. After dinner we walked The Strip to see the water/light/music show at the Bellagio. I wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower so everyone patiently waited while I walked around and we had a drink at the bar.

Eiffel Tower...Vegas style!
Eiffel Tower…Vegas style!

Sunday the 24th- We had a Starbucks breakfast. I read and relaxed while Vickie got ready for the day and Dad and Dan got us show tickets. We went to the Luxor and Dad and I had some smoky margaritas at the restaurant…they were strong and smoky.  We went to Rock Vault at Tropicana and did some gambling. That show was AWESOME! I highly recommend it to anyone that thinks they like 60s/70s/80s Rock….you will love the music after the concert.


Monday the 25th- we went to the Harley shop in the morning. Vickie and I relaxed by the pool for a while to get some sunshine.  We had the best burgers at the Burger Bar and Grill (right in New York New York). I had crispy onions, brie and jalapeno bacon on my burger with a side of garlic fries and an IPA. Delicious! Dad, Vickie, Shirley and I went to a show at The D (downtown)- Defending the Caveman. We walked around, had really strong drinks and then gambled for a while after the show. Another successful night!

The Schmill Family
The Schmill Family
Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bar

Tuesday the 26th- We all kind of did our own thing today. Dad, Vickie and I had another Starbucks breakfast. Vickie and I went to the pool for most of the morning (had to get another pina colada of course!).  I did some shopping, walked around the casino, gambled etc. for a bit. Then we got ready and had a late lunch at Gonzalez y Gonzalez…then another chocolate martini! Dad and Margaret met up with us at the Chocolate Bar after they got back from the race track. The rest of my night consisted of margaritas, pina colada and Bicardi Diets…

Wednesday the 27th- I had a lot of fun last night but I felt it this morning when we had to get up at 6 AM for our flight…nothing to report but a Vegas Hangover for this day LOL.

Vickie, Margaret and I having some chocolate martinis
Vickie, Margaret and I having some chocolate martinis

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