Day 32: Wednesday, May 20th

Hello world! I have not updated my blog for a week! I have been a busy woman.

May 14th- I made my way to Tioga. I worked in Devils Lake in the morning, saw a foster care client in a tiny town north of Minot and then finished my journey to Tioga.  Dad, Vickie, Marlene and I partied at The Rig Lounge II all night and I discovered a tasty beer- Wasatch GhostRider White IPA.

May 15th- Saturday, we had a little brunch (cheeseburger and fries) and then headed to WYOMING! Jared (a friend of my dad and Vickie) randomly came with us which made for some interesting conversation and jokes about me meeting a “nice man.” We stayed in Lusk Saturday night.

May 16th- We had a tasty breakfast (potatoes, biscuit and sausage gravy) at the hotel and then hit the road to Laramie.  We had a light lunch and beer at Chili’s before heading to the campus. Margaret’s graduation ceremony went from 1:30-4 PM! Lots of grads 🙂 Margaret got her BA in Physiology and Neuroscience. We are all proud of her. She had her party it the Horse Barn at the Historic Prison grounds in Laramie. After the party we went to Cheyenne (we couldn’t find a room in Laramie).

The grad and her family! Me, Dad, Margaret, Shirley, Dan and Vickie.
The grad and her family! Me, Dad, Margaret, Shirley, Dan and Vickie.

May 17th- Drove back to Tioga. We went by Devils Tower, stopped in Hulett for a beer, stopped at the bar in Alzada, MT, ate an excellent steak for dinner in Baker, MT and then landed in Tioga. It was a long day in the vehicle but enjoyable. I am reading Watership Down for my book club and while I’m not totally loving it I had plenty of time to read!

Alzada, MT
Alzada, MT
I can't go to Montana and not drink a Montana beer!
I can’t go to Montana and not drink a Montana beer!

May 18th- I took my time getting to Devils Lake. I actually went on a date with a friend from Tioga.

May 19th- went to Proz for happy hour with my friend Kristin. We hadn’t seen each other since my birthday party three weeks ago!

May 20th- I got back on track with my diet and exercise today (kind of). I really did not feel well for most of the day. I think my travels, lack of healthy food and lack of exercise caught up with me. I had toast and two scrambled eggs for breakfast. Tribal Social Services made lunch (pulled pork sandwich, chips, potato salad and melon). I had some cookies, gold fish, water and cranberry juice for snacks throughout the day. I made a hamburger pasta dish for dinner. My aunt mailed me brownies so I had one with milk for dessert 🙂

Exercise: I mowed the lawn and did various yard work tasks. We had major wind and rain come through Devils Lake last weekend and I had lots of branches to pick up.

I tried my best to eat healthy over the last week but it is hard when you’re eating out and with a family that likes to party! I will definitely be getting back on track after my trip to Vegas this weekend…more on the next week!


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