Day 24: Wednesday, May 13th

Well, I am glad tomorrow is my Friday. This week was wild and busy at the office. Not so busy in my personal life…I cleaned the house today and will be heading to Laramie, WY this weekend to spend time with my family and go to my cousin’s graduation. I am so proud of her! She is getting her Bachelor’s in something science and then is going to UC Riverside to her her PhD in neuroscience. She is way smart! I think it’s neat that two Schmill women in our family and generation are going to University of California schools 🙂 I was a banana slug in Santa Cruz from 2006-2010.

I always feel good after scrubbing the kitchen and clearing the clutter out of the living room an dining room. Simba and I are the only two that live in this little house but boy does the clutter pile up during the week!


2 AM Snack (yes there is a story here)- two scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa

breakfast- two eggs, strawberries and an english muffin

lunch- personal pan pizza from Cenex (bad! I had pizza two days in a row)

dinner- shrimp lo mein (takeout)

OK. Work is to blame for my awful diet today! I know that’s no excuse but still. Breakfast was healthy. Lunch…grabbed it after a very busy morning of court, etc. and ate as I drove to the office. Dinner…I worked late so grabbed take out because I knew my night would be busy with packing, cleaning, errands etc.

Here is the 2 AM story. I am on call this week. I got a call from the law enforcement center at 12:30 AM. I answered and hung up on them after three or four seconds- I think I was in the middle of a dream or something? I don’t remember doing it but my phone shows that happened. They called me back a few minutes later, I figured it out and answered. Well, the deputy and I chatted about the situation (an unruly teenager’s relatives kicked him out of their home and his parents are in jail).  Rather than immediately going to the officer to call BIA Social Services and I would try to find a foster home as a backup. He didn’t call me back for an hour…as I waited I realized I was very hungry and wouldn’t get back to sleep without a snack. So I actually scrambled eggs while I waited for the call haha Luckily he found a relative for the teenager as I was almost back asleep by the time he called me back.


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