Day 23: Tuesday, May 12th


Breakfast: Wheat English Muffin with strawberries/ peanut butter on top.

Snack: strawberries/pineapple and plain Greek yogurt

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Supreme Pizza (350 calories)

Dinner: Doritos Jacked chips (300 calories), Subway Sweet Onion Teriyaki 6″ sub (234 calories), medium Sprite

Dessert: soft baked cookies from vending machine at laundromat (300 calories)

Water, Coffee


None…read at the laundromat.

Today was a busy day at the office! One thing led to another and it was lunch time! Then so on until it was time to go to Warwick for my home visit and then I was home eating dinner before I knew it. I talked to my sister tonight and as I told her about the events on Saturday with Kayla I realized I had actually been kind of stressed and didn’t have that much fun. I need to figure out a way to respectfully get through to Kayla that it is not OK for her to “secretly” invite friends on our outings and catch me off guard or expect me to change plans last minute. So, I am going to brainstorm some “rules” to follow as we plan our outings and time together.  I love being an Amachi mentor but it shouldn’t feel like work!

  1. Kayla can only bring one sibling/ friend one time a month and this will be planned- not last minute.
  2. We will do a variety of activities so we aren’t focused on eating and food. I bought her roller blades at the thrift store a few weeks ago and she hasn’t wanted to use them once since. I bought her Cat’s Cradle and I haven’t seen it because I let her take it home to practice (my mistake).  Card games, crafts and other things are cheap activities and now the weather is supposed to be nice!
  3. Limit time on my laptop, phone,iPad. Kayla loves to get on devices and play games for a few minutes here or there if we rent a movie, etc.

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