Day 20: Saturday, May 9th

Wow today went fast! I took Kayla and Dakotah swimming  from 11- 3 PM (by the time we drove around St. Michael to find Dakotah, swam, ate at the casino, and determined where everyone should be dropped off we had killed 4 hours!). It was a good time though. Then I had to pick a client up and take him back to Devils Lake. Then I ran errands. I had to go to two grocery stores to find polenta haha (Walmart didn’t have polenta so I went to the local store). I got home around 5 PM and felt like I did a full day’s work! I made a healthy dinner and watched Wild. We read Wild by Cheryl Strayed for our book club meeting in December 2014 and I have been wanting to watch the movie but hadn’t got around to it. The book is WAY better but Witherspoon did a fine job given that she is the focus of a story where her character hikes solo on a soul-finding journey haha.


Breakfast- two scrambled eggs on an english muffin with salsa and a side of strawberries.

No filter. Eggs, English Muffin, Salsa and Sunshine. Protein and health.
No filter. Eggs, English Muffin, Salsa and Sunshine. Protein and health.

Lunch- ate at the Spirit Lake Casino Buffet. Totally not worth $6.95! The food was mediocre and the kids couldn’t find stuff they really liked. I had mashed potatoes, chicken fettucine alfredo and a green salad. Only one plate so the portions weren’t awful. (There was a little incident with my cell phone at this point in the afternoon and I was a bit stressed at the thought of losing a $400+ cell phone.  I was looking in my purse for my phone so Kayla’s friend could call her aunt. I couldn’t find the phone. I went back to the pool to look for it and ask the employees if anyone had turned in a phone. No one had. After we ate lunch I went to the front desk to file a statement so the security could check the security camera and what do you know? Kayla runs in from the bench she was sitting on outside and said she found my phone in the bag with her wet swimsuit and clothes. I was so grateful! I had asked the kids to search all of their bags after we finished eating but maybe she was embarrassed to show me the phone in front of her friend? I know I seemed stressed out after I realized it was missing….so much money! Maybe she actually did not see the phone in the bag? I’m not sure and I don’t really care.)

Dinner: White wine, roasted carrots, green salad (lettuce, tomatoes and ranch), and Italian Beef and Polenta Casserole. SO TASTY! I needed a good, home cooked meal today.

The Italian Beef and Polenta Casserole is from the Cooking Light magazine. Here is the link for the recipe:

You basically put sliced polenta in the bottom of a casserole. You the top the polenta with a mixture of browned sirloin, pasta sauce, zucchini and shredded cheese. Simple yet satisfying.

Italian Beef and Polenta Casserole. Cooking Light :)
Italian Beef and Polenta Casserole. Cooking Light 🙂


I didn’t go to Anytime today. We swam for about 1.5 hours! (No, I wasn’t swimming laps that whole time but I was in the water walking laps or swimming. I also soaked in the hot tub some of that time)


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