Wine Ideas

Chardonnay and Chocolate Cake.
Chardonnay and Chocolate Cake.

So I ended up having two glasses of wine tonight (one with dinner and one with dessert). When I went to the Liquor Locker to buy my wine this evening I realized that Woodbridge Chardonnay is the only white wine I consistently buy. When I’m craving white wine but not in the mood for Woodbridge Chardonnay, I usually buy a random chardonnay or pinot.  I buy this or that and sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it OK and sometimes it’s not good.  Well, after dinner while I was typing my daily blog post I realized this blog might be the perfect place to track my wine tasting. And maybe make it a reward for eating well? For example, if I eat healthy Monday-Friday, then my treat (aka motivation) will be a bottle of wine to drink over the weekend. Perfect way to limit my alcohol consumption and reward myself with something I really enjoy. Beer and white wine are my drinks of choice (other than coffee and sometimes I crave a Diet Pepsi).

My first wine is 446 Chardonnay from Noble Vines, Monterey, CA. Here is the description from one website:

446 Chardonnay exhibits appealing aromas of ripe pear, pineapple and melon. Medium-bodied with a creamy mid-palate, this delightful wine offers flavors of peach and coconut, with hints of lemon and toasty vanilla spice. Enjoy it on its own, or with soft cheeses, roast fowl and baked yams.

While I didn’t drink the wine with cheese, fowl or yams it did compliment the pork chop and chocolate cake. I would definitely buy this wine again! And it wasn’t a bad price, either. Every time I drink wine from Monterey I get a little homesick (or nostalgic) for Santa Cruz and the college life!
446 Chardonnay
446 Chardonnay

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