Day 15: Monday, May 4th

Happy Monday! I was so productive today and it felt awesome! I great way to start my week. Of course, being productive today means I scheduled lots of home visits so I will have a SUPER productive week…I just have a feeling May will go as fast as April and I want to be on top of my game.  I have two Child Protection Assessments to staff on Thursday, two clients in jail, four In-Home case management cases with serious concerns, about three open CPS assessments, and four foster care clients…why did I list all of that work and stress myself out? I am thankful for my job and all of the interesting people I work with. I love the daily challenges of social work.  At the end of the day people are people and we all do the best we can, whether we are the “consumers” or the “social workers.” It is still weird to hear clients tell other people that I am their social worker or yell, “social services is here!” to the rest of the household when I arrive at the home unannounced. My older foster care clients call me their “guardian” or “friend” when other youth ask who I am and we are in public. I am really beginning to like working with youth and their families!


Breakfast: Strawberry Shakeology with a Banana. Lunch: one cup of Smoky Black Bean Soup and one green container of Broccoli Salad. Dinner: one cup of Smoky Black Bean Soup and ~1/2 cup of Broccoli Salad.

Coffee: 16 oz. Water: 40 oz. (but I’m still drinking water as I write this and throughout the rest of the night)

Random: one tiny bag of regular M&M’s.


Walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes at 2.5% incline and 3.7 MPH. I really noticed I had a good energy level today and was walking fast- my exercise must be paying off.

At the same time I am dieting and getting healthy, I am trying online dating…again. This time I’m using eHarmony.  I signed up for it about two weeks ago. I pretty much ran out of matches over last weekend and they gave me an alert to change the importance of my “distance and geography” setting.  When I lived in the Twin Cities I used OK Cupid for one summer just to meet more people. I instantly started communicating with many different men and went on a number of fun dates- it was a real confidence booster! Now that I live in North Dakota, I use the dating websites to meet men but it takes a lot longer to get a correspondence going…let alone a date! I am staying positive though. I used last fall/winter and it almost made me lose all hope for men in ND. I was stood up twice and let’s just say the guy I did end up dating for a couple of months ended up with a broken heart.  There is also the question of when to text vs email. Some people share their number right away so we can begin texting (calling is never mentioned). I continue to email a bit to gauge the person’s actual interest in me before I share my number. The sociologist in me finds the entire process interesting but the woman who wants a date in me finds it frustrating!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do we swim, swim, swim.


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