Day 7: Saturday, April 25th

bon appetit spinaci pizza.
bon appetit spinaci pizza.

It is only 11:45 AM and I have accomplished a lot! I was so excited that my Dad and Vickie (my step-mom) are coming to Devils Lake today and for my birthday dinner tonight that I couldn’t sleep in. Also, I was tired last night so I went to bed at 11:30 PM. Not a real wild Friday night but I did sleep well. After I woke up I cleaned the kitchen, did all of the dishes, picked up the living room, cleaned my room, etc. After breakfast I took the office newspapers to the recycling bin, went to Kmart and then the gym. When I got home I cleaned the bathroom, baked my pizza and am now enjoying a movie and lunch. Not sure when my parents will get here so it feels nice to have all of my chores done!


For breakfast I had a Vanilla Shakeology made with 12 oz of 2% milk. I bought a sampler pack of Shakeology for myself as a birthday present and am working my way through the flavors. So far Vanilla is my favorite and Vegan Chocolate is my least favorite.

For lunch I’m enjoying a bon appetit spinaci pizza. It is a frozen pizza. 1/3 of the pizza is 350 calories so that is how I portioned it. I’ll save the rest for a snack or tomorrow.

For dinner I will be eating out with my dad, Vickie, and many friends at the Ranch Steakhouse. I’m not sure what I will eat or drink but I have a feeling it won’t be approved by the 21 Day Fix haha. Oh well, it is my birthday and I have been working hard this week at my lifestyle changes! I know when I look at the “diet” sections of my blogs some of the meals are not exactly “healthy” but I have lost some weight this week.


I weighed myself at the gym this morning. My current weight (at 9:40 AM) was 167.6.


I worked out on the elliptical for 33 minutes (weight loss workout). I have been to Anytime Fitness 11 times this month! I only have to go one more time by April 30th to meet my goal of going 12 times this month. Yes!

I have been drinking water like crazy today. Now time for another cup of coffee.


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