Day 5: Thursday, April 23rd

Overall, today was a good day! I got to relax a bit this morning because I worked late last night. I accomplished a lot at lot in terms of social work.

1. Transported the baby for a visit with his mom.

2. Had a home visit with another young mom and began the work of encouraging her to successfully finish treatment so she can keep her 2 month old in the home.  She will also be working toward getting her other kids back but I am not in charge of that case (it’s a bit complicated because BIA Social Services was involved and then the mother moved off of the reservation. Then the county became involved when she had the new baby after moving). This is interesting to me. I have met with her three times over the last three months and she has been putting off her Alcohol and Drug evaluation, individual therapy etc. because the baby was so little. Today I was honest and said that if she keeps putting off treatment then I will get the court involved and BIA will more than likely take jurisdiction of the baby’s case and add it to the other kids’ case.  She then admitted to me that she wanted to go back to her first treatment provider and agreed that it would be a good idea to call and see how soon she can begin services. I ended the day by telling her I can take her to her A and D Eval on Monday and they will schedule her intake into an inpatient treatment center where she can take her kids! I just think it is the perfect example of how social workers can empower others and give them some tools so they can start working towards their goals.

3. Met with a mom and her daughter for a child protection interview.

4. Everything else in between (calls, emails, and more phone calls!)

I picked up my mentee and her little brother when I got off work. I am an Amachi mentor and proud of it! My mentee, Kayla, is 13 years old (she is going to be 14 in two weeks!) and she likes to bring her brother so he has something going on (he is 8 years old). They are cute kids. I asked them what they wanted to do tonight and both of them said in unison that they need to get a birthday card for their sister because her birthday is tomorrow. I thought that was so sweet and special that they knew they could ask me to help them pick out the cards (and not shy to ask me to buy it either). Kayla is definitely in her teenage years and has had her fair share of challenges for such a young kid. I surprised her with a fun activity tonight and she LOVED it: Cat’s Cradle. We sat and played with that string game for about 3o minutes. Dakotah had no problem playing on the iPad while Kayla had one-on-one time with me 🙂


I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes at 3.4 MPH and 2.0% incline.


Oatmeal Berry Bake…again. It is tasty but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sick of it after day five. For lunch I finished the chicken fettuccine. For a snake I had yogurt with a banana and strawberries. For dinner I had a side salad, water, breadstick and a healthy portion of angel hair pasta with shrimp.  (The kids sometimes like to go to Old Main as a treat when we hang out and I usually give in because we all like the food and I know they don’t get to eat there except for when we go). I ate a “fun size” bag of regular M&Ms.


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