Day 4: Wednesday, April 22nd


For breakfast I had steel-cut oatmeal berry bake. I forgot my snack (banana) in the office after I left to do some home visits and grabbed the only thing in the convenience store for a snack at 11 AM- a small bag of Ripples chips. Not Healthy! But, if you have ever been in Paul’s Grocery in Fort Totten, ND you understand that there is a very limited selection of snacks. Period. Lunch was a bit better and much appreciated at 1 PM- half of a stuffed bell pepper and rice. I worked until 8:30 PM and did not pack healthy snacks so I ended up eating dinner at Proz. I had chicken fettucine but did have a healthy portion and packed the rest away for lunch tomorrow.

I had two suckers at the doctor office while I waited for my client…I also had two pints of Summit EPA at Proz. I ordered one and then a friend ordered one before I realized it. I can’t let a beer sit there!


None. I worked from 8-8:30 PM and will be the first to admit that I feel like eating dinner and going to bed after getting home. I did not go to the gym today.

Water, etc.:

I drank about 34 oz of water (bad!). I drank about 20 oz of coffee (good! but actually bad when I realize I should have drunk at least 30 more oz of water.)

The highlight of my day was telling people about my trip to New Mexico next week. One client told me that she is from New Mexico but where she is from is so small and remote it doesn’t even have a name. She lived on a reservation in New Mexico prior to moving to Spirit Lake and they did not have running water or electricity at her house. Another man who I sat next to at the bar is from New Mexico. He gave me a list of restaurants and stores to visit. He said just talking about Albuquerque made him feel homesick. We talked about missing our home states and missing the mountains. I said, “Well, we still have Devils Heart!” Man did he laugh at that! (Devils Heart is one little mountain/hill on the Spirit Lake Reservation). He said, “You have lived here too long if you say, ‘we.'” I said, “Do I say, ‘they’ or ‘you’?” He said, “Say ‘they’!” We had a good laugh. I really do feel like I am a part of Devils Lake even though I have lived here less than three years. I can’t really explain it, but when I lived in St. Paul I always felt like I was a visitor.  We discussed my upcoming trip to Las Vegas and the bartender shared a positive view that any trip can be as much fun as you make it. He said if I left Las Vegas feeling like it was the worst trip then I didn’t make it fun. I like that way of thinking and am going to try to apply it to the way I get healthy, live in Devils Lake, do my social work job, and travel.

In case you didn’t notice, this is my first serious blog. I have a hard time sticking to the diet/exercise/weight loss topic at hand. This is turning into a neat way to discuss highlights of the day, vent or share special experiences.


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