Day 3: Tuesday, April 21st

Today was a great day! I had a training in Grand Forks about the new Children and Family Service Review instrument (aka the tool they use to audit foster care and in-home cases). I think it was a good “refresher” in best practice when it comes to working with children and families.  After the training I made progress on another goal- learn how to sew! I went to Hobby Lobby and found some really neat fabric to use to use for Aunt Bethel’s birthday present (place mats and/or table runner). I am going to sew the gifts with the sewing machine Aunt Bethel and Aunt Linda gave me for Christmas. I have the pattern, the fabric, now all I need is the patience to sit down and teach myself how to sew. After my errand, I met up with a friend at Green Mill for happy hour. I came back to Devils Lake, went to the gym, and now am watching a very cheesy Jane Austin movie…maybe more on that later.


Walked two miles on the treadmill at 2.0% incline (~33 minutes). Not much of a workout but I didn’t get home until 7 PM. Honestly, I was proud of myself just for going to the gym because that is something I wouldn’t have normally done after such a long day in training and on the road.  I pushed myself because I sat down all day at the training, ate at a restaurant, and had a beer.


Breakfast- a small bowl of – you guessed it!- baked steel cut oatmeal berry bake. I have to confess I was a little hungry after I got to Grand Forks and knew I’d be really hungry before the training started so I got an steak,egg, cheese McMuffin and coffee from McDonalds (430 calories).

Lunch and Dinner- my friend and I went to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch and I ordered the Shrimp Po’ Boy Flatbread (Fried popcorn shrimp, Parmesan cream sauce, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, bacon, and andouille sausage. All topped with creamy chipotle sauce). I had 1/3 for lunch and 1/3 for dinner. I threw the last two pieces away so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat them tomorrow. That might seem a bit drastic but I am trying to be VERY healthy at least 5 days this week so I don’t beat myself up for going out to dinner again on Saturday to celebrate my birthday.

Beverages- one pint Extra Pale Ale, water (~40 oz), coffee (~16 oz)

I also had 3 small pieces of candy at the training.  I am very talkative and had to raise my hand when they ask questions and therefore got candy!

I had an eye-opening experience during my drive back to Devils Lake. I was driving by Lakota and a car going east turned into the divider and I thought the car was going to cross the highway and go into Lakota. At the same time I was passing another vehicle. It was about 6:30 so the sun was low in the sky and a little difficult to see. Well, the car that had pulled into the divider pulled out onto the highway going the WRONG direction! I had to slow down and swerve into the other lane behind the car I was passing to avoid a head on collision. Now, can you imagine how that would have gone if I’d been texting and driving?! I don’t even want to think about it. But I thought it was a good opportunity to get back on my soap box about texting a driving and hopefully one person will read this and think about it the next time they text and drive. DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE! I don’t even know how many accidents have happened in North Dakota since I moved here that were caused by texting and driving but it’s getting to the point where I’m not surprised to learn that it happened.


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