March 9, 2016

I haven’t blogged in a while…here are some updates! I promise I will be better about blogging next week 🙂 my sister is coming on Friday for a long spring break weekend and then it’s back to the grind until Easter (my favorite holiday by the way).

Some sprinkle sugar cookies and bunnies to get you in the Easter spirit! Just add sprinkles to sugar cookies and you’re done!


The Child Abuse Prevention group got our bench up in Devils Lake, ND. Yay! I helped design it with LOTS of help from the bench guy. April is Prevent Child Abuse Month. Remember the foster care bench? I’m obsessed with these benches!

Some meals I’ve recently prepared: Whole30 Bowl and Turkey Cran Wrap 🙂

The Whole30 Breakfast bowl as a banana, eggs, almond butter, apple slices cinnamon and coconut all combined in interesting way to make a delicious (but kind of heavy and delectable breakfast). The Turkey Wrap has a flour tortilla filled with dijon mustard, homemade cranberry sauce, lettuce, turkey and that’s it! I’m eating whole30 as much as possible but there are times I’m not. I will start a new Whole30 on March 28 until April 26th. Whole30 is like a drug!

Here is a pic of my results since January 1, 2016 🙂 I took this pic at the end of February. IMG_3425


February 24, 2016


I honestly can’t even remember the last time I blogged….I believe it was the Tuesday after Presidents Day and my weekend trip to Fargo. I have been having a great week compared to last week! I have had a positive attitude! I have been eating Whole30 for the most part! I have started jogging/running regularly for my 10K training! I am having my sewing lesson tomorrow! Lots of interesting things going on at work, Amachi volunteering, etc. Last Sunday I made Moroccan Beef Short Ribs in the crock pot and they were AWESOME! I made zoodles a few times last week and they turned out OK…maybe a little bland? I’ll practicing those.

February 15, 2016


My dad and stepmom gave me beautiful roses (Simba had a few nibbles but they are still beautiful!).

I went to Fargo for the long weekend 🙂 spent time with friends, ate delicious food, and had awesome beer! It was nice to be in the “big city” for a few days. I did not eat Whole30…Bacon for a brunch appetizer at Wurst (Sunday). Cheeseburger and Mint Stout at JL beers for lunch (Saturday). Cribbage and Big Kahuna stout at Junkyard Brewery (Sunday). We went to a little art museum in Moorhead on Sunday afternoon. We played couples trivia at the brewery Sunday night (only got 6/20 right…maybe it’s a sign we will never be a couple?LOL). We had brunch and spent time with James on Sunday. Today we went to the Fargo visitor center and saw the Woodchipper from Fargo (movie). So cool! We came across this bookstore that was FILLED TO THE BRIM with old books. There were first editions, signed copies and expensive little books there. Fun to browse.


So, now that my fun weekend is over, I am getting back on track with my healthy eating plan 🙂 YAY! Exercise routine is happening (I did 17,000+ steps on Saturday. Woot woot! That mall kept me busy with walking).

Allison’s Plan for the next month:

  1. Eat Whole30 every day from February 16, 2016 until March 11, 2016 (I predict that Feb 22, 26, 27 will be hard as I have Amachi night and foster parent training out of town….)
  2. Drink 8+ glasses of water a day
  3. Check my weight on Sunday, February 28th (I weighed 160.4 on 2-12-16 in the AM at Anytime Fitness. I have lost 9.6 pounds since January 1, 2016!!!)
  5. Start training for my 10K…I have been exercising and feel my endurance building but I need to get more serious about my 10K training 😉

February 7, 2016…Super Bowl Sunday.

Hello followers and fellow bloggers! I am trying to do more than one blog post a week but it’s not happening…

I am still learning about my eating habits and loving the Whole30. Now that my Whole30 is over, I am recognizing how my mind says, “It’s OK to eat a cheeseburger now.” “It’s OK to eat at Subway now.” “It’s OK to eat a piece of chocolate now.” But I am resisting (somewhat)! I can’t explain it. Other Whole30 people probably know what I’m experiencing. Something about the “30 days” where the food were “off limits” changed my mindset and now the same foods that were “off limits” are “OK” to eat. Basically, I think I need more time to change my food habits. I need to do a Whole60 or something like that.

Quick summary of the last few days:

  • I ate a bacon cheeseburger at Old Main yesterday (with water and a Whole30 side salad).
  • I had two Bud Light bottles and a not Whole30 dinner on Friday night for the employee holiday dinner at the VFW. I did NOT feel guilty about that! I have worked hard at my eating plan since the New Year and worked hard organizing that party, too! Everyone had a blast by the way.
  • I did the Stairmaster for 5 minutes yesterday (doesn’t seem like much but considering I’ve never done that machine before I was proud!)
  • I have gotten my 10,000 steps every day last week (except for Thursday)
  • I went through all of the benefits of my whole30 (there were about 25 that came to mind!) maybe I’ll list those in another post someday.
  • I took my mentee to Kung Fu Panda 3 yesterday…not my favorite movie but she seemed to enjoy it so it was worth it.
  • I am a Broncos fan and am watching the Super Bowl as I type this. It makes me think I am “growing up.” Two years ago I went to the bar with friends and got drunk and now that doesn’t sound fun to me (I think it’s Whole30 thinking 🙂 )
  • I made a new, interesting meal today.

Red Thai Curry Meatballs. I put it over steamed red cabbage and green beans 🙂


Find the Recipe at Naked Cuisine:

Here is a 10K playlist I put together for my 10K training… I love Kesha and Nikki Menaj for some reason. I also did some digging on Pinterest for inspiration. I don’t buy a lot of music and was so sick of my music.


January 31, 2016- Day 30 of my Whole30!

Holy lksjflksdj#^*)*^$ksjflks^*$*!! It’s my Day 30 of the Whole30! As I type this I am eating “Perfectly Ground Meat” with some seasonings on mixed greens and purple cabbage. Not too creative…but it’s not bad. Honestly, yesterday was pretty much the end of of my whole30. After a full day of ice fishing tournament/ raffle drawing I decided to celebrate everything and have one beer and officially “end” my Whole30 since I was in the mood and knew I would not have a beer today. The Hartwigs would probably see that as me not finishing the program but oh well! It works for me. So last night I had a bottle of Bud Light (probably a poor decision) and a pint of Fargo’s Stonesthrow. I got a stomach ache…I was dehydrated and think the combo of dehydration, a shock to my system and being tired contributed to the beer not going down so well haha.

I had a BLAST ice fishing. There were 5,186 fishermen out of the ice for the tournament! A record for Devils Lake, ND! I did not get one bite. I did not win any of the raffle prizes. But I still had fun! I had never been ice fishing before and I feel a little bit more like a North Dakotan now. I think it’s a hobby I could enjoy.


Today was busy but I took time to recognize my accomplishments of the month and get ready for another successful Whole30 month. Even though I will not follow every rule of Whole30, I am going to follow the program as close as possible. I am going to leave some “wiggle room” for social situations IF needed. To keep myself motivated, I am going to keep looking at all of the benefits I’m experiencing right now! (Also, I weighed myself at the gym this morning and I have lost 8+ pounds this month).

My Benefits of Whole30:

  1. Increased energy.
  2. Feeling healthy, happy and balanced.
  3. Feel confident.
  4. Improved body image (and I lost weight)
  5. Met some goals! And ready to move on with new goals! (think 10K!)
  6. Learned some things about myself- I do like black coffee. I am a good cook. I can eat lots of vegetables!
  7. I’m sure there are lots of benefits I’m not thinking about right now…
  8. Better mood throughout the day. More patience.

My Plan for February:

  1. Follow Whole30 except for Friday the 5th (employee holiday dinner where I will probably have one drink and a meal that is not Whole30 compliant) and February 13-15 (I am going to Fargo to visit a friend and I know he will want to take me to a brewery and out to a nice dinner 🙂 )
  2. Go to the gym and exercise for 300 minutes a week (using my “reward” system). I want to exercise like I did this month! I was at the gym 3-4 times each week this month. GO me!
  3. Don’t drink alcohol except on the days mentioned above 🙂
  4. Stay positive!

Saturday, January 30th

Today is Day 29 of my Whole30 challenge! And it’s going great! As I’ve discussed in prior posts, it has not been perfect and I will not lie about that. I ate a piece of cake somewhere around Day 15, I weighed myself about a two weeks ago when I was feeling down and this week I ate a small subway sandwich (bread, turkey and veggies). Enough about what I did wrong!

Here are all of the benefits I’m experiencing 🙂

  • Increased amounts of energy. I feel great during my entire workday (no afternoon blah).  I have joined the kickboxing class at the gym (that might be connected to increased level of confidence, too!).  I got up at 4:45 AM to go to the gym yesterday morning.
  • I have not drank any alcohol for 29 days. That might not seem like a big deal to some, but here in North Dakota there are a lot of social events with alcohol. In fact, I will be ice fishing in the big tournament today and there is always a big party afterwards that I will be happily drinking water at.
  • Increased confidence. Confident that I look and feel great! Getting more confident telling people “no thank you” when they offer me a tasty treat (and not caring what they might think about me). The other night at the foster parent support group my coworker served pizza, chocolate cake, chips and salsa and a weird looking pasta bake. I planned ahead and ate a healthy dinner before the group meeting so I wasn’t tempted to eat there.
  • I’m proving to myself that I can practice self discipline and follow through with something! I have had a hard time (more like awful time) using diets such as weight watchers, 21 day fix and DASH diet. Maybe because those were diets? I love the Whole 30 because it’s not a diet but a sustainable change!
  • I am not eating out. Literally not eating out at all. Maybe one meal a week? This leads to saving money, improving my cooking skills and knowing what is in my food.I did have to eat out at the beginning of the month because I was out of town at training and that taught me lessons, too!

Well, I have to go ice fishing now to win the 2016 Ford F150 XLT! I must get 2nd place in the Pike category 🙂

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Here is my updated Motivation Board! It has my 10K stuff on the left (training plan and reminder), my “reward program” and the 21 Day Fix workout calendar in the middle and my exercise calendar on the right. I might be a little TOO ambitious right now but I figure that’s better than where I was in December 2015 🙂 So, since it’s hard to see, here is what the “reward program” is:

Exercise 300 minutes a week (300 minutes= 1 hour for 5 days a week)
Do the 10K training plan 2 days a week
Do 21 day fix exercises and/or kickboxing 3 times a week
14th of February: one book
29th of February: new exercise clothes (one shirt, pants, bra, etc)

(January 24th-February 29th)



I am wanting to get in better shape, so I figure if I mix up my exercise routine I will get more flexible, get ready for 10K and gain strength. Last night I looked at fun exercise shirts on Pinterest and came up with some ideas for my rewards 🙂 I might buy one at the end of the month for my hard work this month (even thought I didn’t successfully do the Whole30 because I had “slips”).

I just want to clarify that I am NOT doing the 21 Day Fix- I am still Whole30 strong. I like the mentality of the Whole30 a lot better- but I think the exercises can jazz up my exercise routine and help me get in better shape. I did the Yoga Fix today and feel much more relaxed. I am not going to follow the 21 Day Fix exercises exactly but if I feel like doing one I will do the one on that day of the week. Ideally I would do the DVD exercise in the morning before work and then light cardio at the gym after work with my gym buddy 🙂 (the friend who is “sweating for the wedding”).

Here are some of the delicious meals I made this weekend. I have a chuck roast and veggies in the crock pot for Sunday dinner…it smells so good!


That is Simba when I am doing my exercises in the living room. I couldn’t help but pause my workout to take a pic. She sits there for 30 minutes and watches me (with some wandering around and trying to get me to pet her in there). She’s so cute but I need to start putting her outside and ignoring her when I start my exercise because she is distracting!